In the middle of the triangleIdar-Oberstein -> Bad Kreuznach -> Kaiserslautern is Limbach.And there lies our Welschrötherhof .....zoom the map please click here!
From Baumholder to Limbach:
Drive from Baumholder on the B41 straight to Idar-Oberrstein – Kirn.You arrive the small town Fischbach-Weierbach, you see at the left side a ARAL Gas Station. After this bend to the ride toward Kaiserslautern. You arrive Sien. Drive left to Otzweiler, at this place Otzweiler bend off
the right of toward Hundsbach. You come into the place Welschröther Hof.Behind the first two hauses drive on the ride street. The first house at the left side is the dog pension calls Pässler.
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